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The Deceiver Saga


These Supernatural Mystery Thrillers will stir your faith, strike your core, leave you breathless and hungry for more!

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Blood Enemies (book 4 of The Deceiver Saga) - Released April 20, 2019!

The Deceiver Saga continues in Blood Enemies with a rush of uncovered secrets and exposed lies. Melanie Bishop wasn’t prepared for the gruesome discoveries she makes while digging into her past and investigating her father. She had always known him to be a cruel and sadistic man, but as she and her friends seek to unveil the truth and begin linking his past with his present, they discover a legacy bursting with dark cravings, evil deeds and crimes more heinous than they’d ever thought possible. 

The tangled nest of carefully concealed lies and family secrets cause Melanie to question everything and everyone. Every question brings forth more questions, and every glimpse of truth, uncovers more lies. But Melanie doesn’t have time to let her doubts consume her for long. Her father is spotted closing in and escapes police capture. The demons that drive him are growing desperate to find a way into her life, to destroy her and those she cares about. 

Though the road ahead is guaranteed to be painful, merciless, and exhausting, Melanie refuses to quit. If she walks away from pursuing the truth, more lives will be at stake and she could lose the people she loves forever. No matter the cost, she knows she can’t stop because he won’t ever stop coming until they are all dead. 

By R. J. Machado De Quevedo

Cover design by Karen Phillips

Available in eBook and print on Amazon https://amzn.to/2THjeyd and alternative eBook formats on Smashwords https://bit.ly/2ucJ9iT!  


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