R. J. Machado De Quevedo

Author of The Deceiver Saga 

Writer, Author, Speaker

The Deceiver Saga

These Supernatural Mystery Thrillers will stir your faith, strike your core, leave you breathless and hungry for more!

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Inspirational Speaker

There's a message waiting for you that you need to hear. A word of encouragement or truth that your soul is crying out to receive. 

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An author's life isn't always glamorous. It's hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Come along and take the journey with me! 

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I'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to write me a message or a book review. I'll even do my best to get back to you. Thank you for your interest and taking the time to message me. If you already read my books, The Deceiver Saga, hang on, more are coming!

Author R. J. Machado De Quevedo

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