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Speaking Topics

There is a topic for any occasion. Hire R. J. to come speak at your event or group session today! 

Book Clubs or Writer's Groups: 

  • How to write a book.
  • Finding what to write about.
  • How to write an emotional scene
  • The publishing process. What it was like for me and could be for you.
  • Protecting the dream – Ignore the Nay Sayers and listen to the believers.
  • Feeding the dream within your heart – Not giving up. Pressing forward!
  • You have to Market to Matter! Using Media outlets.
  • Why not me? Being bold and pursuing your dreams!
  • Surviving the downfall of a corrupt publisher and rebuilding your dream.

Classrooms or Educational Courses:

  • Don't be bullied and don't let the bully become you.
  • Reading may be a struggle, but you can fight through and learn the love it.
  • Not letting your past define you!
  • Don't give up when something is hard just because you’re told you’re not good enough.
  • Seeing your child’s gifts and talents and feeding their dreams and passions.
  • Finding your passion and living it!

Women's Groups:

  • Woman love thy self! Learning to love and accept yourself.
  • Finding peace in the midst of the storm.
  • How to balance work, family and the dream.
  • Independent and Strong: Finding the balance in your femininity.
  • Fighting against hate so that those you once hated don’t own a piece of your soul.
  • Why Women need Woman.
  • Learning to be a bold, confident woman, despite what others have said about you.
  • How to forgive and move forward.
  • How to see past your woman’s hurt and into her soul to how to help her heal.
  • Women entering divorce or recently divorced. How to get your finances in order.

Churches or Bible Studies:

  • Breaking free of generational curses.
  • Exploring the Bible - building a hunger and thirst for God.
  • How to WANT to read God's word. 
  • Having a Relationship with God not a “Religion”.
  • Giving up your dream so that God’s dream for you can be realized.
  • How to pray.
  • Spiritual Warfare and how it impacts your life, whether you believe it or not.
  • Accepting God as a friend, secret keeper, and the one person who will always love you.
  • Being who God says you are and not who man/woman says you are.
  • Having the heart of Worship and how it brings you into God’s presence.
  • Breaking free of the lies spoken over you and living a life of freedom.
  • Lies of the enemy and how to recognize them.
  • Know your enemy so you know how to defeat him.

Therapy Groups or Life Discussion Groups:

  • Taking a stand against abuse (child abuse and domestic abuse).
  • The real threat of addiction and it’s toll on the family.
  • Domestic Violence isn't just with fists. It can be with words and control.
  • Living with someone with chronic pain. When to help and when to push them to not give in or give up.
  • Relationships - Healthy Boundaries with Self-less love.

Photograph by Athens Abell

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