R. J.'s Bio

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How It All Began...

R. J. Machado De Quevedo, author of The Deceiver Saga, lives in Northern California. Having grown up with meager resources, R. J. learned early on thaspeaker, blogger, musician, model and artist. She enjoys kick boxing, riding motorcycles, shooting guns and taking long walks with her husband. 

R. J. always enjoyed creative writing or journaling but never had any aspirations to become a writer. She only took one creative writing class in high school and English 101 in College. When R. J. was in elementary school she had a difficult time learning to read and  struggled greatly with reading comprehension. In second grade, she was assigned to “the turtles” reading group at the back of the classroom along with the other children who could barely read. It was a constant crush to herself esteem. Her parents were not hands on when it came to assisting with her homework or educational needs other than forcing her to sit for hours and try to memorize the words. It was her older sister, Bethany, who tried to teach her. 

It wasn’t until seventh grade that R. J. decided to fight her way through the Little House on the Prairie series at her sister’s recommendation. And it was then that her reading skills truly began to improve. She took an interest in her own education and forced herself to press forward for fear of drowning in the rush of junior high and the pending doom of high school. Up until then, she had always been able to get through by what she heard or saw in class, but reading was like a fortress her mind just couldn’t penetrate entirely.  

Though reading and spelling were difficult for her as a small child, R. J. always enjoyed taking turns making up stories with her sisters at bedtime. While living in a rundown trailer park in fifth and sixth grade, thinking up stories with surprise endings to entertain her friends in the neighborhood had become her escape from the reality of her family’s poverty and misery. Being a Star Trek fan like her father, she attempted to write a script in the seventh grade with the intention of sending it in, but became so frustrated with her inability to spell properly and master her father’s old typewriter, that she gave up three pages in. 

Despite challenges early on, as a young adult, R. J. became an avid reader and began to devour book after book. Soon, reading had become an addition and a never-ending craving! She went to college and earned her degree with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. R. J. had no aspirations to become a writer, nor had the intention ever presented itself as she was still under the belief that she wasn’t good enough to even dream of such a thing. 

However, after having a vivid and adventurous dream on December 21st 2009, R. J. was so overcome by the message and imagery in that dream that she knew she simply must write these books. The name, The Deceiver, came to her and the story demanded to be told. A calling to write was suddenly undeniably clearer. R. J. starting writing her first novel in March 2010.  Her heart and soul burned with a passion to write she didn’t even know she possessed, or perhaps, she had been too afraid to let herself truly feel. With the passion to write came the a flood of ideas and images, all filling in what was The Deceiver Saga. What was originally only going to be four books, has since expanded in her mind to a possible 7 or more!   

Shortly after finishing the first book, The Deceiver, R. J. was offered a traditional publishing contract and proceeded to publish the first three books in The Deceiver Saga through Tate Publishing & Enterprises between 2013 and early 2017. After the closure of the publisher in January 2017, R. J. set out to republish her own books and continued to work on completing The Deceiver Saga. Her own story continues to unfold into an adventure of a lifetime. Let the real story begin!  


 (Photograph by Athens Abell)