The Deceiver Saga


The Deceiver (book 1)

In this supernatural mystery thriller, The Deceiver, college student Melanie Bishop finds herself stranded across the globe and thrust into the middle of an otherworldly battle that’s been raging since the dawn of time. Melanie makes a decision that will change her life forever. But choosing to accept her role and her destiny doesn’t mean the battles are over. It means the war has just begun. 

After returning home, demonic sergeants seek to unravel Melanie’s life by bombarding her with psychological and physical attacks. The enemy is desperate to stop Melanie from fulfilling her destiny and impede her ongoing mission of protecting a mysterious artifact. Not only must Melanie endure their attacks, but she is forced to confront her anguishing past through vivid flashbacks. She must resist the advances of a master seducer. She struggles with her long-denied feelings for a handsome, kindhearted coworker. 

Melanie must rely on her faith, angelic warriors, and the wisdom of her fiercely loyal friend Elisabeth to help get her through. Feeling inadequate and humbled, Melanie attempts to piece together her full purpose in this call of destiny and embrace the demands it comes with. Her success is as imperative to the fate of humankind as it is to her own. Her journey has only just begun.  


Broken Seed (book 2)

The Deceiver Saga continues…In this supernatural mystery thriller, Broken Seed, college student Melanie Bishop is engaged in the battle of her life and her ongoing mission to protect a celestial artifact from falling into enemy hands. Her destiny leaves no room for complacency as the enemy’s deceitful tactics are exposed. 

The hindrances against her are relentless. A ring of ruthless felons are hunting Melanie for revenge. The mysterious man who pursued her across the streets of Italy finds her and escalates his efforts to ensnare her and the artifact with seductive enticements. But there is one who threatens all she has fought so hard to rebuild and to become, one who tormented her throughout her childhood with his unbreakable hatred and indulged himself with such ravenousness violence that he truly is the thing of nightmares: her sadistic father. 

Melanie must not allow these possessed tormentors to obstruct her search for truth and find the answers that will equip her in fulfilling her purpose. She must swiftly learn to fortify her mind from the endless demonic assaults and vivid flashbacks that plague her. She must become as cunning at guarding her mind as she is with her body through unwavering resistance and surrendering entirely to her destiny. Her success is as imperative to the fate of humankind as it is to her own.  


Sanctuary of Fire (book 3)

“In a sudden whoosh, fire surrounded me, a holy sanctuary of fire. My long red hair blew back, electricity crackled along my skin, and as the flames engulfed me, I felt the power of the Lord descend upon me and surge forth from within me. And the necklace of truth and mercy about my neck burst into a white blaze, as if it held the very light of God.”

The Deceiver Saga continues as Melanie Bishop struggles to remain courageous and reclaim her emotional victory after a demonic attack by her father; and it feels as though the entire world knows about the mortifying ordeal as college classmates whisper, police investigate, and news crews hound Melanie about her father’s sadistic crimes.

She is too humiliated to even speak to David, the man who fought off her father; though in her heart, she wants nothing more than to rush into his arms. Despite the chaos in Melanie’s life, her true calling must remain the priority: to seek and protect celestial artifacts before the enemy can acquire them and discover their true power.

Neither time nor space are strong enough to stop the forces of hell from hunting her down. Transported thousands of years into the past, and left to wander across the wilderness in pursuit of the artifacts, Melanie is provided protection from the enemy’s warriors by a dysfunctional yet legendary family. As the battle descends upon them, it is Melanie who must pick up a sword and fight to the death.

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Blood Enemies (book 4)

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The Deceiver Saga continues in Blood Enemies with a rush of uncovered secrets and exposed lies. Melanie Bishop wasn’t prepared for the gruesome discoveries she makes while digging into her past and investigating her father. She had always known him to be a cruel and sadistic man, but as she and her friends seek to unveil the truth and begin linking his past with his present, they discover a legacy bursting with dark cravings, evil deeds and crimes more heinous than they’d ever thought possible. 

The tangled nest of carefully concealed lies and family secrets cause Melanie to question everything and everyone. Every question brings forth more questions, and every glimpse of truth, uncovers more lies. But Melanie doesn’t have time to let her doubts consume her for long. Her father is spotted closing in and escapes police capture. The demons that drive him are growing desperate to find a way into her life, to destroy her and those she cares about. 

Though the road ahead is guaranteed to be painful, merciless, and exhausting, Melanie refuses to quit. If she walks away from pursuing the truth, more lives will be at stake and she could lose the people she loves forever. No matter the cost, she knows she can’t stop because he won’t ever stop coming until they are all dead. 

By R. J. Machado De Quevedo

Cover design by Karen Phillips